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About my facials

Anne Rockwell

I believe your skin tells your story. It is your signature and it should feel beautiful to you. My facials nourish dull skin, calm aggravated skin all the while healing the stored judgement we subconsciously feel about our appearance. Beauty is soft, not controlled. Using massage and my advanced training as a Phytobiodermie practitioner, I am delighted to awaken your radiance.


My facial is a two hour healing experience using superior skincare products from Switzerland. I apply essential oils to the scalp to sooth you before we begin the deep work of energetically cleaning out cranial seams and acupuncture points. I add more massage to move the circulation, then layering in masks that clear and remineralize your facial tissue. Lymphatic drainage and light therapy is a focus in the facial as well.

Phytobiodermie Products


I use these tools to refine your skin's story, freeing you to be happy with your face:


  • Lymphatic drainage: the manual application of a drainer jet which results in a visual difference in reducing edema, improved circulation and accelerated healing. Your skin looks and feels smoother and more refined.
  • Chromatherapy: the use of seven spectral electromagnetic colored lights on acupressure points and reflex zones resulting in healing and energizing the skin.
  • Color therapy: a Phytobiodermie system which uses naturally colored products combined with active essential oils to accelerate desired aesthetic results.


At the close of your facial, your skin is oxygenated and lifted, bright and aglow and just as important, your heart is blessed.



My training


My esthetics career spans 25 years and three continents. My passion for incorporating Eastern knowledge with European aesthetic techniques was recognized by the International Phytobiodermie team early in my career; I was invited to train estheticians across the United States in this deeper approach of understanding the skin. I worked in top spas in Boston before happily bringing my practice to beautiful Cape Ann.










Anne Rockwell Facials
Anne is a skin magician! My skin always sings after her amazingly powerful, nourishing and balancing work! Her facials are like none other with a profound combination of soothing energy work, bodywork and aesthetics. I cannot recommend her enough!